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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  November 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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is it is a new crime trend that could cost you your car and a whole lot more what you ed how do you keep yourself from becoming a victim extract new details about a deadly bus crash. why the parent complained about the driver in this is not the driver's first bus crash. plus getting out of town for the holiday, don't let clear skies full you. you could be in for big weather delays. we will tell you i. good morning and welcome to news channel 8.
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wednesday. you have made it to hump day. it is still crisp out. let's get a check on the latest weather. >> it is still cool but certainly not hold like we have seen it. a lakeland you now make it to 52. look what a difference. you are 20 degrees warmer in crystal river then you are at 4:30 yesterday. you will notice that yesterday -- you will notice that today . we 8 am. unlike the last few days we will at least see some passing clouds. we will mark to 73 degrees at noon and by the afternoon about 78 degrees. we're tracking hurricane auto -- otto but also airport delays. >> if you're headed out for thanksgiving now is the time to do it. 75 looks fantastic.
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. a lot of people have the day off. it will be light traffic at least in the morning. this is a great driver across the howard franklin bridge. it will only take you 6 minutes to cross it. it out now says leslie that is if your car is still there. listen to this 8 on your side alert. dozens of vehicle stolen in hillsboro county right out of people's driveways. >> the culprits, teenagers. they call it car live at the hillsboro county -- hillsborough sheriffs department. the youngest suspect is just 13 . >> only 13 years old. it is really scary. investigators tell us in nearly every single case the car was left unlocked with the keys inside. 14 people have been arrested for stealing 4 dozen cars and riverview.
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mostly 15 to 20 years old. they would hit neighborhoods at night hoping the vehicles were unlocked. they would still everything inside. if the keys were handed, they would take the car as well. alex costa is a victim. listen here. >> the way it hits you, you don't think someone stole it. it is the moment of clarity where you think, someone just stole my car. >> good news eventually got his vehicle back . we are told that was located in clearwater. cops remind people to always locked there -- lock their vehicles. we do have breaking news out of scranton. a deadly crash after midnight after a car smashed into a tree. we do have the impact of that
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over a palm tree. we're told the passenger in the car died, but police have not released the name of the victim. we're making calls to find out more. also, a man and newborn baby escape a house fire in st. petersburg thanks to a good samaritan. the 2 were sleeping in a home on 53rd avenue north when someone knocked on the door to alert them of a fire on the back porch. i believe we would have been smoked out. kid -- all the smoke probably would have killed my kid . >> where told the newborn was burned -- born on saturday . investigators are now trying to figure out what started the fire . developing, a police officer in detroit is shot in the head while on patrol. this happened as the officer was investigating possible theft from cars at wayne state university. he tried to stop a
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has been with the department for 5 years is now in critical condition. police are questioning someone. a man accused of killing a san antonio police officer did not let crime keep him from getting married. court records show the 31-year- old that married monday morning just hours before his arrest. investigators say he ambushed benjamin marconi sunday as he wrote a traffic ticket. he was shot in the head twice. detective say he was a 20 year veteran of the force and he leaves behind 2 children. new information this morning about the deadly school bus crash in chattanooga tennessee that killed 5 young children and injured several others. we're learning more about the driver and his history . the 24-year-old is facing 5 counts of vehicular homicide, reckless driving and reckless endangerment. state records show he just got his bus
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was involved in a minor school bus crash. no one was hurt in that incident but now one mother claims she complained about his erratic driving. donald trump is backing away from his campaign promise about locking up hillary clinton . in a meeting with reporters trump said he wants to move past the years of investigations into hillary clinton and bill clinton. she explained prosecuting hillary for her email practices would be, quote, very divisive for president-elect donald trump is in florida this morning. he arrived at his resort last night. is spending the thanksgiving holiday with his family in palm beach. this comes after a flurry of meetings that he held with prospective cabinet members . right now millions of people are getting ready to catch flights. this is considered one of the busiest travel days of the year . if you are flying today you
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weather forecast across the country. mary mcguire joins us now live from tampa international airport on the busiest travel day. i will tell you what, there are weather issues in the other part of the country even though it is beautiful here. >> reporter: there definitely are. good morning to you and happy thanksgiving eve. we have been keeping an eye on the fly board and so far there are no delays and so far the weather is pretty nice in the tampa bay area. across the country can be a very different story. pennsylvania, minnesota, colorado and upstate new york has been hit with freezing rain. this is the biggest travel rush since 2009. you can think low gas prices and cheaper airfare for that. if you do run into trouble problems finally share social media could be your
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chicago o'hare is debuting a new automated screening lane designed to get people through 30 percent faster. the sunday after thanksgiving is expected to be the busiest day for air travel that we can. if you're looking for a little bit more elbow room on the planes, thanksgiving thursday is actually supposed to be the lightest day, but i will keep an eye i am flying back home to minnesota a little bit later today and i am shivering just looking at the forecast, but i am hoping there isn't any major snowstorms for anything. it is 4:38 on this wednesday morning. to think she can do it? she has gotten used to the weather. >> she will have to deal with some snowfall. significantly different than
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in the minnesota community. looking at the airport delays for all across the country right now things are fine. obviously it is very early. locally we are not looking too bad. 79 today, 81 for thanksgiving and friday. it a little dip in the temperatures going down a 76 on sunday but right back up to the low 80s. in the morning. there could be some light fog. 76 degrees by your lunchtime. 73 by the time you are eating that big dinner later into the evening. hurricane auto -- otto is out there headed to nicaragua. this is very unusual. people are probably of these waking up trying to get to where they are going. >> hopefully they are trying to get out the door early.
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let's take a look here, 275, great drive on the howard franklin bridge. all of the bridges look fantastic. traffic is a very good thing at this point. we're similar on 275 which will take you 14 minutes. where also taking a look and manatee county, the drive on i 75 friday shopping kicks off all across the country. to cash in on those deals it takes a lot of planning. 8 is on your side to help here coming up we will take a look at the top 3 websites to help you find those holiday deals. a bright flash lights up the night sky in the bay area. a look at what was seen in what may have caused it? you're watching news channel 8
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it is almost time to hit those big black friday sales. 8 on your side has you covered, tracking down all the big deal. >> meredith is here with 3 resources you need to check out
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>> that is right. i have a couple of ideals for you, some websites that are useful. the first one is like . this is helpful because it points out specific deals. need a waffle maker, go to macy's. you can find out more right there. this will also give you the deals for the top stores, bass pro shops, express, pretty much anything that you might be looking another one, i really like this site. it is called nerd wallet. it is a financial website. if you search black friday you will find a lot of great information including top ads, the target add, maybe don't get the sunday paper, you can look it up there. you can also search by store. babies r us, maybe you want to search that, game stopper, one that is popular in my family,
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what you are looking for. finally, i think this one is a great site. this one is called black this one has a great resources, the top 10 toys . maybe you have anything don't know what to get her for christmas. personally speaking, that is a great site. if you are like me and don't want to do back friday, -- black friday, it has black friday online sales right now and also played finally i would be remiss if i didn't point out the best site. it is ours, we have just posted an article that has all of the store openings for thanksgiving as well as black friday. you will want to check it out there. some great tips. get your game plan. back to you. >> sounds like a lot of good
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a big bust could have ties to a savage case and manatee county pier horse was dismembered for it's knee. investigators believe array of butchers were responsible. a 70-year-old was arrested and accused of selling horsemeat to an undercover officer. attorney say it is the first successful infiltration of the secretive black-market. the officer posed as a parent of an anemic child in need which is believed to help treat the condition. a serial robber is on the run. deputy say for now the robberies have stop but they are still looking for the culprit. take a look, this is the man at work inside the rs many market. across america crews will demolish the kansas waterslide
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lawmaker died. the park announced it would tear down the 160 waterslide at the park. the park has been closed since 10-year-old caleb was killed back in august. short people in colorado are waking up to more snow. check this out, several inches fell in the mountain.-- mountains stick around for long because milder weather is expected. today crews are putting final touches on the macy's thanksgiving day parade. they will inflate the balloons for the 90th annual event. it features 16 character balloons with the new ones likely like charlie brown and the trolls from the new movie in theaters now also in the parade, the
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you can watch the parade right here in news channel 8 tomorrow morning beginning at 9.>> this morning people in the bay area are talking about those bright fireball in the sky. this is dashcam video from a north port police car showing a bright flash. many speculate it is a giant meteorite. the meteor was also seen in largo. this is video from a security camera. >> i say aliens. >> yes. this is one more dashcam. the city posted the close encounter on their facebook page. >> because it is so big when it hits the atmosphere sometimes it can explode that is why it is called the fireball. i looked at the american meteorological website, look at all of the reports that extend from central georgia only down
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we're near average this morning, not as chilly right around 59 degrees. will heat up quickly 73 at noon, filling warm at 3 pm. 54 lakeland, 46 inverness. 54 n.. 54 n. as you head up toward the northeast the cold is back across the colorado rockies. in the middle is this big storm system. we have snowfall through the southeast. let's look at the long-range forecast. today and for thanksgiving it is nice in mild. the storm system is bringing the snow back west. it will passed to the north. another cold front will pass through here on saturday with the 10 percent rain chance. we cool slightly on sunday then we warm right back up out ahead
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we're looking fantastic across the bay area bridges. we have look at the skyway bridge right now. over the skyway howard franklin is up to speed as well. is the courtney in the gandy. let's take a look at to 75. enjoy this while you can. if you going to be leg to think about some thanksgiving traffic tips. if you're going to head out, over 46 million people are going to be hitting the roads today. it is the busiest time. the worst departure will be today. if you do have to leave, leave early. by 6 am you should be okay depending on where you are going. once you get past the 2 pm mark a lot of people have taken a half a day, that is when you will release he sticky traffic. google data has provided us with traffic specific to the tampa area.
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thanksgiving. if you don't want to come back for thanksgiving, for the tampa bay area, friday is a better return than saturday for coming back on the roadways. that is a look at whether and traffic and traffic tips, back to you. attention all thanksgiving chefs: if you are planning on using gravy you might want to stick around for this recall. plus, why your car door my slight while driving . which popular toyota model faulty next on
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y25eiy y16fy toyota recalling thousands of minivans in the us because the sliding door could open while you are driving. the recall involves about 700. the recall involves about 704,000 toyota sienna minivans from model years 2011?2016. toyota says they are trying to find a solution. check your pantry before cooking thanksgiving dinner. 500 cases of heinz homestyle bistro as you gravy is being -- i was you gravy is being recalled. this poses an allergen issue since it does not say it contains milk and soy. check for the day 1228 2017.
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way the holiday is a time to spend with family. new, the pushback by retailers and why they are refusing to cash in on the extra shopping hours. less secure outside, beautiful downtown tampa. the hillsborough river all lit up. it is not as cold as it was earlier in the week. we have weather and traffic on the 8s coming up in 3 minutes.
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smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside.
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time for weather and traffic on the 8s. it is also much milder than yesterday morning. we are at 50 degrees so it is cool but warmer. we are back above average by the afternoon with a high of 79 degrees. fog developing with the low 63 tonight.
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coming away from lakeland through plant city on i-4. it ybor we have a wonderful drive. -- in ybor we have wonderful drive . in the pasco county area where up to speed as well.
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is president-elect donald trump backing off some of his biggest campaign promises? what he told the new rk change. lock your car doors, curfews are on the prowl in hillsborough counting -- county. dozen stolen by teenagers. see the areas most at risk. there will not be a lot of shopping done on thanksgiving day. why more stores are staying close and waiting to open a flat friday -- black friday. good morning, happy wednesday morning, pre- thanksgiving day over here.


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